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Dog Friendly Community Puppies reviews speak for themselves – people think our pups are paw-sitvely the best! We serve our customers thoughtfully by putting puppy health and happiness above anything else. But don’t just take our word for it, click through several pages and hundreds of Dog Friendly Community Puppies reviews from real customers. Although we are a Pennsylvania based team, we have reviews and ratings from people all across the United States. Feel free to look for reviews about the breed your interested in, or leave Dog Friendly Community a review of your own!

Mervin Yoder Breeder (Best experience)

Mervin Yoder and his wife made getting our puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel an amazing experience. We have had Flynn in the family for three months and it’s been nothing short of a blessing. Would highly recommend Mervin for anyone looking to add a four legged family member.

New addition to our family.

I adopted beautiful miniature poodle from breeder Steve Stoltzfus. This is my second adoption from Amishes. I’m pleased. It’s a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you Steve. Our beautiful girl is adorable and we named her Sonia.

Best Pup Ever

Buzz is a mini Rottweiler. He is full of energy still. He guards me even if my husband pretends he’s “going to get me”. The breeder was so easy to work with. We love our Buzz with all our hearts. If you don’t want a full size Rottweiler this mini breed is for you. His picture even made it on the Dog Walking Forecast on TV herr.

Love our puppy!

We honestly couldn’t be more happy with our puppy. He’s so adorable and plays so well. I’m honestly grateful for this site and to the breeder as well. Jenkins is in a happy home and very loved!


So happy…

We adopted our adorable little cavachon, Benny, through Dog Friendly Community. They were great at communicating and put us as much at ease as possible. We had to use their flight services all the way to Washington state! It was very smooth and our puppy came to us healthy and on schedule! Thanks Dog Friendly Community! And many thanks to Elmer Fisher, the breeder!

We love our new fur baby 🐾 💗

After loosing our 16 year old Kylie girl, our hearts were broken and our house and hearts were missing something.
I started our search for our new fur baby and could not believe all the horrible people out there. We almost got scammed twice and I was furious, but continued my search . My friend recommended this site, as her aunt just got her new puppy from here. I immediately began my search and we instantly fell in love with this adorable maltipoo. I contacted the breeder right away and let me tell you, Emmanuel Huyard from PA was incredible! He was so honest, friendly and was able to answer all of my questions and concerns. Emmanuel and his friend Steve, who handled the shipping were both professional, trustworthy and were an absolute pleasure to deal with. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for there new fur baby. We love our BELLA girl and can’t imagine life without her. 💗

Boxer puppy cooper

My family has been looking for a purebred boxer for 8years now …
So when I found this website I thought at first that this couldn’t be real but I was wrong this is 100% legit you get paperwork with your puppy the come with a Health warranty I’m gald that we went with Dog Friendly Community  the breeder was great best experience ever it was fast and pain less stress free we to a hour ride to get our puppy ‘ & he is doing great my vet gave him a clean bill of health… he came potty trained thumbs up to the breeder thanks … I will definitely be get our second boxer from her in the near future … thanks again 😇

Legit puppy adoption site!!

I spent three months doing my research and searching for the right pup for me. I finally found my cute Shihpoo from a reputable and caring breeder. Levi Glick was very helpful and responsive in answering questions. After we went home with our pup, he checked in a few times to see how he was adjusting to his new environment. We had a great experience with this breeder and the pup was healthy and came up to date with all its shots and microchipped.

cockapoo puppy

I want to thank Dog Friendly Community and breeder Sam Blank for my new little girl. she is just what I needed! she is the cutest and loving puppy.
I want to thank the breeder for caring about his pups he adopts out. he keeps you informed about everything from the time you say she’s mine. He even called to see how she is doing after a month. best place to get a puppy.

Our New Family member

We contacted John to see Petunia, we call her Mochi now. We traveled to Cochranville PA to pick up Mochi and she is a happy and sweet little girl. Everybody in the family fell in love with her. We got Mochi’s vaccination and examination records. It was a pleasant and nice experience dealing with John.

At the end of the Rainbow

I was very hesitant about buying a puppy on line. But I had a wonderful experience going through breeder, Sadie Allgyer. When I saw the picture of DJ (now Beau), a ShihTzu/Peke mix, I was smitten. I called and Sadie could not have been more pleasant & helpful. She even held the puppy for me until I could arrange to drive the 12 ho urs to PA to pick him up. When we arrived to pick him up, there was actually a rainbow directly over the kennel, thus his name & a sure sign we had chosen well. He is totally as advertised. He is adorable, smart, & well socialized My vet found him sound & healthy. I am very happy with him. He rode all the way home & settled in with very little fuss. If you want a great dog, give her a call.

Thank you!

We adopted Teddy (formerly Pax) from Henry and Liz Beiler. He has been an absolute dream puppy and fit in with our family right away. They happily answered my many questions and phone calls and provided supplies for him to come home with. The entire process was great and I highly recommend the Beilers as well as Dog Friendly Community Breeders. Thank you!

Great Experience with Stoltzfus Family

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with the Stoltzfus family! We adopted Mia (new Name Hazel). Barbara answer very patiently all of our questions and the family was very open to work around our excitement to get put new puppy. Hazel is happy on her new home, playful and healthy. Totally recommended. Thank you so much for all the service! We are in love with our new puppy!

Thank you Dog Friendly Community

A year ago my husband was diagnosed with Cancer! I had a tough time dealing with his recovery… after he was Cancer free I just felt as if it would come back again and was very depressed! Our doctor said that I needed to go talk to someone but I decided to seek out a friend in a puppy! We searched the internet and found out that Mini Labradoodles looked like a good match for us! We went to Pa “just to look” and ended up purchasing “DRAKE” (Brody) from Amos and Rebecca Fisher and their family! I have to tell you that we were so impressed with this family and how much they loved these puppies. We had to wait to take him home but Brody is the best gift that we could have gotten! We love his spunk, intelligence and especially the love that he has given to us! Amos Fisher is a fantastic breeder, he has called to check on Brody twice in the year that we have had him and we appreciate him and his lovely family!

Liam formally “duster”

This dog came to me at a very low point in my life. I had just lost my shit-zu (London) that I had for seven years. I have never felt that sad about anything in my life other than when my dog died. However when I pulled up and saw the four puppies in the bin he was the one that kind of walked over to me smell me and then walked back over to his little corner and sat down, and I was said to myself I hope that is the one. To my great surprise when I asked the breeder if that was duster she said yes and since then he has been by my side the entire time. He’s adapting well to the house he loves my family and he adores attention, not to mention his slight coloring on his nose and around his eyes are almost identical to londons so he is also a very pleasant reminder of my baby, absolutely a great start to recovering there will never be a replacement for London however I can see that this is the beginning of a very great friendship to come.

Love our new puppy Hannah

Our process from first email to pick up was super easy. The puppy’s breeder Alvin Stoltzfus was very receptive to any questions we had. The Stoltzfus family were all very friendly and helpful. Their home was beautiful and pristine and you can tell they take care of their dogs. We were able to meet the mom of the puppies as she was on the premises and the puppies are all socialized with their young children, which is great. I would highly recommend Alvin and family. We absolutely love our puppy. Her personality is so chill, sweet and loving. So happy to have her in our life! Thank you Alvin and family, she’s a blessing.


Very Happy with my Puppy!

Both the Breeder and the Shipper were VERY nice. I couldn’t have asked for anyone nicer. They both kept in contact with me and if I had any questions, both responded just as fast. When the day came to pick up my puppy at the airport, Shawn kept me updated with any changes like the layover that my puppy had on his way to me. When he finally arrived, his travel crate was very nice and he arrived safely. My puppy is very happy and very spoiled in his new furever home.